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DAF is renowned for its fuel efficient and clean PR diesel engine used in many city and inter-city bus applications. DAF’s fleet workshop management tools and PACCAR’s efficient parts distribution network reduce vehicle downtime and maintenance cost. The result is lower product life cycle costs and a longer life of DAF powered vehicles.

Euro 6 Engines

PACCAR MX-11 engine


The 10.8 Litre PACCAR MX-11 engine uses state of the art technologies, first class materials, extensive function integration and a heavy duty foamed wire loom to achieve highest reliability and durability. Excellent torque at low engine speeds and a high performance is available over a wide rev. range.

Aspired by double overhead cam system, the further optimized combustion process using smart dosing controls and modulating fuel line pressure assures excellent and lowest fuel consumption ever. 
In order to meet the stringent Euro 6 emission levels it features exhaust gas recirculation, SCR and an active soot filter. Depending on conditions a high efficiency mode is being set. The best engine has become even better.
PACCAR MX-11 engine
Performance Torque
MX-11 220 220 kW/299 hp
at 1,675 rpm
1350 Nm at
900–1,400 rpm
MX-11 251 251 kW/341 hp
at 1,675 rpm
1500 Nm at
900–1,400 rpm
MX-11 270 270 kW/367 hp
at 1,600 rpm
1900 Nm at
900–1,125 rpm

Euro 3,4,5 Engines

PACCAR PR engine

PACCAR PR Euro 5 engine

The 9.2 liter PACCAR PR engine delivers a maximum power of 249, 310 or 360 hp.

The PR engine is available in Euro 3, 4 and 5 emission versions. These Euro 4 and 5 engines use the SMART injection system and the SCR technology. Equipped with a soot filter, the PR engine even complies with EEV. 

Optimization of the combustion process and components leads to service intervals of 75,000 km, depending on the application. For long distance applications and when using synthetic oil and a centrifugal filter, service intervals of up to 100,000 km are available. 


Engine Type Performance
183 kW/249 hp
(2,200 rpm)
1050 Nm
(1,100 - 1,700 rpm)
228 kW/310 hp
(2,200 rpm)

1275 Nm
(1,100 - 1,700 rpm)


265 kW/360 hp
(2,200 rpm)

1450 Nm
(1,100 - 1,700 rpm)

Chassis module

DAF cabless chassis module

The perfect base to build upon

Low kerb weight put the LF chassis modules at the top of its class. With its modern, strong and light chassis, DAF does not compromise on robustness and flexibility.

Fully optimised suspension

The LF chassis offers an extremely comfortable driving experience. The front suspension is fully optimised to offer the perfect balance between damping, lateral stability and stiffness. And its unsurpassed manoeuvrability is due to the fact that it has the smallest turning cycle in this segment.

Driveline excellence

With a unique choise of engines, transmissions and rear axles there is an optimised solution for every application. Whichever choise you make, highest reliability and fuel efficiency, excellent performance, long service life and low emissions are standard.


  • PACCAR PX-5 and PX-7 engine
  • Engine output 112 – 217 kW (150 – 290hp)
  • Optional cold-start system for climates below -12°C
  • 6 speed manual gearbox or 6-speed AS Tronic
  • Optional heated moisture separator
  • Optional mechanical differential lock
  • Optional ASR

Brake system

  • Exhaust brake
  • Electronic brake system (EBS)
  • Ventilated disc brakes front and rear


  • Optional Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)\
  • Optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with forward collision warning (FCW)
  • Optional Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
  • Optional Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) (prepared)
  • Optional reverse warning (prepared)

Suspension and axles

  • Parabolic front suspension
  • Optional air suspended, single reduction rear axle

DAF LF Chassis Module 7.5t-12t for coach bus   


  • Wide range of wheelbase / rear overhang combinations
  • Side member 210/4,5mm
  • Exhaust pipe variants RH and LH
  • 80-A alternator, 2x 125 Ah batteries
  • Optional 100-A alternator and 2x 175Ah batteries
  • Plastic fuel tank 110, 155 and 185 litres
  • AdBlue tank 25 or 50 litres
  • Low level air intake
  • Hole pattern for body attachment

Body and body preparations

  • Application connector chassis
  • Optional BAM1
  • Optional bodybuilders module

Installation components

  • Steering column, pedals, wiring, electronic units


  • Homologation by OEM


  • Optional DAF MultiSupport Warranty Plus – up to 3 years for drive line or complete chassis module, limited or unlimited mileage

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