Rear axles 

DAF Components supplies cabs to partners manufacturing all-wheel drive trucks or other special vehicles for construction, forestry, mining industry and other harsh environments.

High efficient rear axles to achieve best in class fuel efficiency

Rear axle designs have been further developed and fast reductions of down to 2.05:1 can be specified for driving with low rpm at cruising speed. The new generation of rear axle differentials features a completely new design of crown wheel and pinion, aimed at highest durability and efficiency as well as extremely low noise levels.

Application of low viscosity oils and low friction wheel end bearings also enhance fuel efficiency.
Lower oil levels in the rear axle further reduce the already best in class axle weight to only 645kg. 





  • Fast ratios: 2,05 / 2,21 / 2,38 / 2,47
  • Single reduction
  • Hypoid gears
  • Crown wheel size 485 mm
  • Nominal output torque 44.000 Nm
  • With or without differential lock

Suspension & axles:

  • 1344HAS drive axle
  • Engine position in rear (front as option)
  • Maximum axle load (v > 50 km/h) 13.000 kg
  • Track width 1.820 mm
  • Minimum wheel size 22,5”
  • No. of wheel bolts 10
  • Size of wheel bolts M22x1,5
  • Diameter circle wheel bolts 335 mm
  • Diameter center ring 281 mm
  • Lubrication wheel hubs grease
  • Spring track 970 mm
  • Prepared for 2-bellow or 4-bellow air spring suspension (option leaf suspension)
  • Weight of axle 645 kg (dry)
  • Oil content 15,5 liters
  • Propshaft flange 180 mm


Brake system

  • Ventilated disc brakes
  • Disc brake size ø 430 x 45 mm
  • Brake lining material DAF 1200
  • Brake booster 24”/24” HFL
  • Brake booster facing forwards or rearwards
  • Brake application shafts without maintenance
  • With or without ABS preparation (ring and sensor)

Service & maintenance

  • Warranty 1 / 2 / 3 years without mileage limitation


  • CO2 / VECTO certificate available