PACCAR MX-13 Engines 

The 12.9 litre Euro 6 PACCAR MX-13 engine uses ultra-modern common rail technology, a turbo with variable geometry and advanced controls for maximum efficiency. In order to comply with the strict Euro 6 emissions requirements, it features exhaust gas recirculation, together with SCR technology and an active soot fi lter.

The engines provide additional torque at low revs in the highest gear for direct drive gearboxes and in the two highest gears for overdrive gearboxes to support lower fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Reliability and durability

State-of-the art techniques, fi rst class materials and extensive functional integration result in high reliability and long durability. Water and oil feeds, low pressure fuel lines and the high pressure fuel injection pump housing are integrated in the cylinder block. The cylinder block has been designed without side covers for maximum stiffness and low noise generation. The one-piece cylinder head has an integrated inlet manifold. The combined fuel fi lter and water separator is mounted directly on the engine for maximum ease of maintenance.



Performance Torque Emission level
MX-13 315 315 kW / 428 hp
at 1600 rpm

2.300 Nm at 900-1125 rpm1
2150 at 900-1365 rpm

Euro 3/5/6*
MX-13 355 355 kW / 483 hp
at 1600 rpm
2.500 Nm at 900-1125 rpm1
2350 at 900-1365 rpm
Euro 3/5/6*
MX-13 390 390 kW / 530 hp
at 1675 rpm
2.600 Nm at 1000-1460 rpm1
2500 at 1000-1425 rpm
Euro 3/5/6

1] in the highest gear for direct drive gearboxes and in the two highest gears for overdrive gearboxes

PACCAR MX-13 engine PACCAR MX-13 engine

General information

Six-cylinder in-line turbocharged diesel engine with intercooling. Ultra clean combustion with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Particular Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) aftertreatment for Euro 6 emission levels.

  • Bore x stroke
    130 x 162 mm
  • Piston displacement
    12.9 litres
  • Compression ratio
    18.5 to 1

Main construction

  • Cylinder block
    - compact graphite iron (CGI) integrated housing for the high pressure fuel pump units
    - high strength and wear resisting liner material
    - improved cooling
  • Cylinder head
    - compact graphite iron (CGI) one-piece cylinder head with integrated intake manifold
    - composite valve cover
  • Valves four
    - valves per cylinder
  • Cylinder liners
    - wet liners with Anti Polishing Ring
  • Pistons
    - oil cooled piston with three piston rings each
  • Crankshaft
    - ‘stepped-die’ forged steel crankshaft without contra-weights
  • Oil sump
    - composite oil sump for lower weight special ribbing for low noise
    - electronically driven and monitored crankcase ventilation
  • Distribution gear
    - low-noise rear mounted distribution drive



  • Oil module
    - pre-assembled module, containing oil filters, oil cooler, thermostat, valves and tubing
  • Oil filters
    - full-flow main oil filter, centrifugal by-pass fi lter for extended service intervals
    - fully recyclable filter cartridges
  • Oil cooler
    - thermostatically controlled stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Oil pump
    - variable, high efficient oil pump

Fuel injection and induction

  • Fuel feed pump optimized delivery
    - Fuel unit single cartridge filter
    - integrated heater
    - automatic water drain
  • Fuel injection
    - common rail with 2 high pressure pump units integrated in the engine block
    - Smart Outlet Metering Valve (OMV)
  • Injectors
    - wide angle injectors (ATe)
  • Injection pressure
    - max. 2500 bar
  • Induction
    - turbocharged with charge cooling (intercooling)
  • Turbocharger
    - variable geometry turbocharger (VTG)
  • Intercooler
    - aluminium, single-row, transverse-type intercooler


Auxiliaries and exhaust brake/engine brake

  • Auxiliary drive
    poly-V belt drive
    - low-energy air compressor with Smart Air supply Control (SAC) and combined steering pump/fuel feed pump driven from the distribution gears
  • Exhaust brake
    - electrically operated butterfl y valve in the exhaust duct
  • MX Engine Brake
    - integrated compression release brake
    - VTG and BPV for brake power control
    - Smart, electronically controlled, cooled actuator