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PACCAR MX-13 Coach & Bus engine

The 12.9 Litre PACCAR MX-13 engine uses state of the art technologies, fi rst class materials, extensive function integration and a heavy duty foamed wire loom to achieve highest reliability and durability. Excellent torque at low engine speeds and a high performance is available over a wide rev. range. The best engine has become even better.

A well-controlled and further optimized combustion process using smart dosing controls and modulating fuel line pressure assures highest effi ciency and lowest fuel consumption ever. Repair & Maintenance costs have been cut as well by extending intervals and increased uptime. The engine is available in Euro 6, Euro 5 and Euro 3 versions. To meet the Euro 6 emission levels it features exhaust gas recirculation, SCR and an active soot filter.


PACCAR MX-13 coach & bus engine 

Performance Torque Emission level
MX-13 315 315 kW / 428 hp
at 1600 rpm
2.300 Nm
at 900-1125 rpm
Euro 6
MX-13 355 355 kW / 483 hp
at 1600 rpm
2.500 Nm
at 900-1125 rpm
Euro 6
MX-13 390 390 kW / 530 hp
at 1675 rpm
2.700 Nm
at 900-1125 rpm
Euro 6
• Power according to ISO 1585
• (Bio) Diesel fuel must comply with EN-590 / EN-15940 / EN-16734 / EN-16709
• Weight (dry) ± 1093 kg


No. of cylinders and cylinder 6 in line, vertical
Valves 4
Bore x Stroke [mm] 130 x 162
Piston displacement [dm3] 12.9
Compression ratio
18,5 : 1
Aspiration Turbocharged with charge cooling
Idle speed [rpm] 550 +50 -25
High idle speed [rpm] 2200
Max. speed during engine brake [rpm] 2100 
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4

General description

  • Compact Graphic Iron (CGI) cylinder block with improved cooling and vertical rips for max. strength & low noise
  • One piece CGI cylinder head with integrated air intake manifolds
  • Forged steel crankshaft without contra weights
  • High strength and wear wet liners with anti-polishing ring
  • Oil cooled pistons with 3 piston rings each
  • Low noise rear mounted distribution drive
  • 2500 bar common rail fuel injection with block integrated high pressure unit pumps
  • Wide angle fuel injectors with variable needle opening pressure
  • Electronic controlled single stage (VTG) turbo charging system
  • SCR/DPF exhaust after treatment module together with cooled EGR technology
  • Electronically driven Crankcase Ventilation System

Lubrication system

  • Pressure feed lubrication by a variable vane -type oil pump. Full flow main oil filter and a centrifugal by-pass filter (optional).

Cooling system

  • Water cooled thermostatically controlled and full variable water pump

Electrical / electronic system

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Starter motor: 6.2 kW
  • Alternators: 2 x 150 A, LIN controlled

Standard equipment

  • Flywheel: suitable for manual gearbox
  • Flywheel housing: SAE 1
  • Stainless steel oil cooler module thermostatically controlled
  • Electrically controlled back pressure valve (BPV)
  • Inlet and exhaust manifolds
  • Integrated fuel filter / water separator
  • Flat oil sump Alu
  • Exhaust After treatment System (EAS) incl. Ad-Blue tank and control units
  • Low energy air compressor with power saving system, 561cc displacement
  • Steering pump, 25cc 17,5 l/min, variable displacement
  • Engine mountings support, 3 bracket system
  • Oil level sensor for daily check


  • Gear driven rear engine PTO’s
  • Belt driven front engine PTO
  • Steering pump variants
  • Engine mounting vibration dampers
  • Engine mountings support, 4 bracket system
  • Flywheels suitable for ZF and Allison automated/automatic gear boxes
  • Integrated engine compression brake with enhanced braking power max. 360kW
  • Air compressor with power saving system, 636cc
  • Adblue tank variants
  • SCR/DPF module variants
  • Extended Service Interval
  • Engine and chassis installation parts on request